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What property management includes

365/12 Care of Your Property.
Whether it's a 30 m2 studio apartment or an apart-hotel with 20 units, our 40-strong team will take good care of it. Cleaning, repairs, painting, laundry and everything related to running of the accommodation.
We have dynamic prices and adjust them every day. We follow trends, concerts, championships, conferences and all events that can affect the price. Thanks to 30.000 reviews, even new flats' revenue is high.
24/7 Client Care.
Communication, booking management, greeting, our custom map of Prague, airport transfers, checking the condition of apartments or resolving disputes, night disturbance and money collection are handled by our office team.
Neighbour Care.
We can find common ground with neighbours, HOAs and management companies. We have 110 apartments under management and know how to make the business run smoothly so that all stakeholders are happy.
Clear Invoicing.
We send monthly bills with a summary of all bookings, your earnings, occupancy, prices, repair works, costs, etc. All you have to do is issue an invoice and the money is in your account. In case of questions our team is available 24/7.
Property Appraisal.
Depending on the type and location of the property, we will determine whether a short or medium-term is appropriate. We will prepare the apartments according to world standards, take photos and publish them on all portals and our website.
how it works


For free, we analyze your property.
For free, we determine the most suitable type of rent.
For free, we estimate the rent with 90% accuracy.
For free, we plan the renovation budget.
We create a "portrait" of your future property.
We find a suitable apartment and inspect it.
We estimate the rent with 90% accuracy.
We help with the transaction, contract and mortgage.
3. DESIGN and renovation
We take photos and draw a plan.
Within 7 days we create the design according to the budget.
We discuss and modify the design together.
We do everything from knocking down walls to bedding.
4. managing the property
We manage your property 365 days a year.
We send monthly transparent billing.
We clean, repair and take care of the apartment.
We communicate with the HOA and the authorities.
a free estimate of your property's yield

Find out how much your property can earn. For free.

We'll help you find a suitable property
We'll evaluate your existing property within a day
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Assistance in finding opportunities

It is in our best interest to make the property profitable. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying an investment property in Prague, we will be happy to help you find suitable offers. Our partner real estate companies send us interesting offers and we will send you the most interesting ones.
You can also search for the property yourself and we will be happy to evaluate it and tell you how much it will yield based on looking at photos and a floor plan. Our team daily searches for properties for existing investors on all portals in the country.
how it works


first step
Determine budget and goals.
Consult on funding.
Identify the best type of lease.
Create a "portrait" of the future property.
second step
Monitor offers 24/7.
Contact and inspection.
Estimate rent with 90% accuracy.
Find the optimal mortgage.
third step
Sign the contract.
Transfer the property.
Entry into the Real Estate Registry.
Plan and budget for reconstruction.
last step
Interior design according to budget.
Renovate and furnishing.
Detailed billing including receipts.
Professional photography.

Renovation according to your budget.

We can "refresh" an apartment for 50,000 CZK or create a luxury apartment from bare walls and concrete for 1,000,000 CZK.
We can split the unit for a 30% higher yield and every pillowcase and every plant is important to us.
Our construction manager will make a 90% accurate estimate according to the budget and the accountant will provide you with a detailed list of works and receipts.
We have been renovating for 12 years and our team of designers, builders, painters, tilers and handymen can make a luxurious, modern, minimalist or rustic apartment to your liking.
Short and simple


1. Interior design that fits your budget
2. Apartment renovation and furnishing
3. Detailed billing including receipts
4. Professional photography
you receive 70% of the revenue

What does Ruterra's 30% commission include?

real estate offers monitoring
inspection of the property
property analysis and strategy selection
estimation of yield with 90% accuracy
renovation budget planning
paying city taxes
keeping the house book
establishment reports
handling authorities' inspections
representation at HOA meetings
professional photography
publication on all portals
marketing tools setup
cleaning and laundry change
basic property maintenance
clients greeting and handing over keys
24/7 client communication
resolving conflicts with clients
signing contracts with clients
communication with neighbours
apartment reconstruction and furnishing
laundry rental from 240 CZK per month
reporting of foreigners 200 CZK per month
Internet and TV 549 CZK per month
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We'll help you find a suitable property
We'll evaluate your existing property in a day
We'll get back to you within 24 hours
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