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Guaranteed yield.

Reliable partnership.

We are a big company built on trust.

70% of owners have given us more than 2 apartments, 50% of them have 5+ apartments and 20% have entrusted us with dozens of units. We do our work honestly and transparently. That's why people trust us.

We have been managing properties for 16 years and have 110 apartments under our management. As of today, we have designed and renovated over 80 properties, opened a restaurant, cafe, a transportation and a cleaning company.

850,000 CZK
we paid in tourist tax fees last year
up to 1,300,000 CZK
was the annual yield of the owner of a flat in Prague 1
19 apartments
we helped purchase and renovate in 2022
36,000 guests
were accommodated in our apartments last year
30,000 Reviews
from satisfied Ruterra clients on Airbnb, Booking and others
89 meetings
of homeowners associations we attended last year
Why investerra?

16 years on the market, 110 apartments and 40 employees.
We survived COVID-19 and provide complex property management.

We prefer long-term relationships and transparency.

We were the first agency engaged in short-term rentals in Prague. Before Airbnb entered the Czech market, we only had our own website and two apartment units in Prague 2. Gradually more properties were added and we published the apartments on Wimdu. Then came Airbnb and with it came the boom in short-term rental apartments in Prague.
Our investors are from the Czech Republic, USA, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Slovenia and other countries. All new investors were obtained thanks to recommendations from the owners of apartments under our management. After 16 years we have automated all processes and decided to welcome new investors.
Ruterra s.r.o., ID No. 29006180, Čimická 866/150a, Prague 8.
krátkodobý pronájem investičních nemovitostí v Praze
Prague 1

1,200,000 CZK

launched 20.12.2016
krátkodobý pronájem investičních nemovitostí Praha 3 Žižkov
Prague 3

810,000 CZK

launched 12.9.2018
správa krátkodobého pronájmu investičních nemovitostí v Praze
Prague 1

1,050,000 CZK

launched 19.6.2017
krátkodobý pronájem investičních nemovitostí v Praze
Prague 3

750,000 CZK

launched 6.5.2017
krátkodobý pronájem investičních nemovitostí Praha 2 Vinohrady
Prague 2

670,000 CZK

launched 6.6.2017
krátkodobý pronájem investičních nemovitostí v Praze
Prague 3

330,000 CZK

launched 15.5.2017
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